That’s what friends are for

Friends are the keepers of our secrets, dispensers of advice and encouragement, and the shoulders on which we cry. Friendships give our lives color when the world seems gray. That is why they are an integral part of not only the human experience but the migrant experience as well.  Unfortunately, the story of friendship for […]

Immigration breakdown, it’s not always the same

Legal immigration in Slovakia, like in most other countries, is a highly variable process. Migrant’s country of origin, purposes of their stay, and other legal and economic factors can either help or hinder this process. For example, migrants arriving from other EU member countries often have a quite easy time in obtaining residency in Slovakia. […]

A Family Affair: Stories of Love and Loss

Family, be it the one that created us or the one created by us, is an essential part of life for most people worldwide. Even in good times, our family relationships can be challenging and complex. This dynamic for migrants is even more problematic. The first challenge these migrants face is separation. While some migrants […]

Blog: Reflections on the new Slovak Republic with Hugo

Last month, in preparation for the A Leap of Faith episode I spoke with Hugo. He comes from England, but he is a very keen observer of Slovak culture. However, once we began speaking about Hugo’s first impressions of Slovakia from 1994 when he first arrived, it felt like he was speaking about a different […]

A Fish Out of Water

The Na Slovensku Aj Po Anglicky podcast, with the support of Fjuzn, is continuing it’s series on the migrant experience. In this episode, they are looking at some of the first challenges faced by newly arrived migrants and the feelings these foreigners had for Slovakia and it’s people. First impressions are everything Traveling in a […]

A Leap of Faith

According to the International Organization For Migration, there were 167,519 people with residency permits residing in Slovakia in December 2021. That accounts for only 3.07% of the total population of the country. When viewed in this way, the number seems insignificant. But once you begin asking questions and listening to the people, you discover that […]

{Repost} Viva Eslovaquia!

Chef Brian Navarro brings the heat to Bratislava with his new Mexican restaurant, Mezcalli. Chef Navarro’s vision for creating an authentic and delicious Mexican restaurant is, on its surface, quite simple—use quality ingredients, and stay true to your roots. However, bringing this to fruition, much like his journey to the kitchens of Slovakia, has been […]

Nerozumiem, can you repeat that?

In this first episode of the Na Slovensku Aj Po Anglicky podcast, host Jeremy Hill explores the experience of learning Slovak with fifteen foreigners that now call Slovakia home. From the founding of Slovakia in 1993, Slovak has been the official language of this small, mostly rural country. This plucky little language has survived and […]

Take Me Home, Country Roads

Homesickness is an emotion that is as old as human migration. It has been the subject of countless poems, novels, films, songs, and many other adored works of art. While its ability to inspire is celebrated, homesickness is also feared for it’s ability to hamper integration, and trigger bouts of anxiety and deep depression which […]

Live From Trenčín

In May 2021 we recorded our first and only live show in Trenčín. It was hosted by Klub Lúč in the Men at Sound studio. Two great guys joined me, Mark Taylor from the UK and Brian Tranter from Canada. We spoke about the pandemic situation at that time, holiday traditions, and what it is […]


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