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Take Me Home, Country Roads Na Slovensku Aj Po Anglicky

In this episode of the show, we take a look at homesickness. It's a natural emotion that we all experience at some point in our lives. For immigrants, however, it's especially challenging. To discuss this,  I spoke to four foreigners: Brielle Zahn from the U.S.A, Mark Roberts from Australia, Lovie Moneva from the Philippines, and Belle Hermosa also from the Philippines.  I want to thank all of my guests and my son William for playing my younger self. Thank you also to Alexandru Pitei Victor, Elmita Cesnaki, and Mauricio Melara for offering their voices in the introduction.  You can reach me at the email address: nsapapodcast@gmail.com Music Attribution: http://www.pixabay.com  Caffeine_Creek_Band, ZakharValaha, madirfan, ComaStudio, Lesfm, nildey, RomanBelov https://www.bensound.com/
  1. Take Me Home, Country Roads
  2. Live from Trencin
  3. Introducing Nina Kohout
  4. Šťastné a veselé Vianoce, 'tis the season
  5. Blog: Sounds of a small town

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